Entry #2

LiveStream Continuing "Ib"Horror Puzzle Game

2012-08-02 23:35:16 by Clawshawt

This Saturday at 7pm we're gonna continue playing "Ib" yaaaay!

(this time I won't have the camera on covering part of the text box like a noob. My bad guys. >.<)

Do join us! 8D Be there and be square~

Livestream: http://www.livestream.com/Claws?t=954890

Time zone map: http://www.fgienr.net/time-zone/fuseaux.gif

LiveStream Continuing "Ib"Horror Puzzle Game


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2012-08-06 23:12:14

horror puzzle game uh? sounds like a creepypasta stuff who knows haha, i'd have joined but i guess it's too late haha, anyway i was watching your previous post and good luck girl i know you will be a good animator :)